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Our Design Journey

Step 1 | Consultation

During the initial meeting, we will define your specific design goals, via a series of questions, created to ascertain exactly what that is...

After which, each session will be more focused as we tackle each stage of the design process.

Meetings will mostly be online and/or by phone but can be held in person, depending on location. Subsequent consultations will take place regularly over the course of your project, based on individual requirements & how quickly key design decisions are made.

Step 2 | Plan

Ultimately, the aim is to devise an optimal room layout that works on every level and that satisfies the specific design brief (as will be defined and set out in Step 1).

Adopting an exhaustive approach, whilst solely focusing on the most appropriate suggestions.

Research and developing key design ideas soon follows, with a view to creating tailor-made board(s) that capture the proposed scheme(s), room layout(s) and itemised specifications, for your final scheme(s).

Planning stage also covers all technical aspects for any construction that might be required. It will also clarify actual timeframes & costs for labour involved to achieve.

It's an integral part of the process, that when executed properly, will eventually pay off. Hiring our services will save you valuable resources, in the long run, including £, Time & Energy!

Step 3 | Build

Once Design & Planning stages are complete, realising the scheme is the final stage...

D&B projects, see me appointed as your 'personal project manager' from inception through to completion. Meaning that, I will liaise with all necessary third parties (on your behalf) to deliver the finished scheme on time & budget.

Maintaining better control of your D&B budget plus scheduling & booking-in any works that are due to take place.

I have a trusted team of tradespeople that I regularly work with, including architects, structural engineers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and decorators.

EBlumel & VGScott are my recommended construction team but equally content to collaborate with yours, if it makes better sense.

To ensure better quality control, good communications & efficiency from outset; my team will provide you with regular site-updates, throughout the build.

Keeping you informed each step of the way, even when things don't quite go to plan!

In which case, you can rest assure that we will always find an alternative suitable solution plus aim to keep things moving forward at pace.

Looking for inspiration

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